WV Legislative Update - 3/16/12



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Welcome to the 2012 Legislative Brief, your one-stop shop for legislative news from a variety of sources throughout West Virginia, and my view of legislative happenings on the horizon. The regular 60-day Legislative Session has adjourned, however, the Governor extended the Session through today for the purpose of addressing the state's budget for the fiscal year 2012-2013.

Legislative Action by the Numbers:

  • 1351 bills introduced in the House
  • 678 bills introduced in the Senate
  • 200 bills were passed in the West Virginia House
  • 233 bills were passed in the West Virginia Senate
  • 213 bills have passed both the Senate and House Chambers during the Regular Legislative Session 
  • 2 bills have been vetoed by the Governor
  • 38 bills have been signed by the Governor
  • 34 bills are pending the Governor's signature

My View from the Capitol:

It is anticipated the West Virginia Legislature will conclude its deliberations today and pass an $11.6 billion dollar 2012/2013 budget.  This reflects an increase of approximately $188 million dollars over the 2011/2012 fiscal budget.  In addition, it appears the Governor will call the Legislature into a Special Session later today to address the recent agreement to re-open the idle Century Aluminum plant.  This Special Session will conclude today as well.  Worth noting is an observation that relates to the recent trend in Legislative bill introductions vs. passage.  While the number of bill introductions has remained relatively the same in recent years (approximately 2000 bills per session are introduced), the number of bills passed each session has dropped over the last 5 years. 

  • 2007- 275 bills passed in the Legislature
  • 2008- 246 bills passed in the Legislature
  • 2009- 227 bills passed in the Legislature
  • 2010- 218 bills passed in the Legislature
  • 2011- 191 bills passed in the Legislature
  • 2012- 213 bills passed in the Legislature

This may not be all bad as some say that less Government is best.  Time will tell.  Upon adjournment sine die, the next Legislative activity will be the monthly Interims which will begin in April.

News From Around the State:

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