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Green Building Jobs on the Rise.



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According to a recent McGraw-Hill Construction study, 35% of architects, engineers, and contractors report having green jobs today, representing 661,000 jobs and one-third of the industry workforce. That share is expected to increase over the next three years, with 45% of all design and construction jobs being green by 2014.

This study is the first to focus exclusively on design and construction professionals and trades workers. ?Green jobs? are defined as those involving more than 50% of work on green projects or designing and installing uniquely green systems.

The research also shows that:

  • Trades jobs (carpenters, HVAC/boilermakers, electricians, concrete/cement masons, and plumbers) are expected to see the greatest growth in green jobs; 15% of trades today are green jobs, and this is expected to increase to 25% in three years
  • Green jobs yield advantages such as more opportunity and better career advancement according to survey respondents.
  • Training is essential for getting and maintaining green jobs; 30% of green job workers say they needed major training when they started, and most report that formal education and training programs will continue to be needed

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