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Planning for ACA Compliance: What You Need to Know Now



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Since this was recorded, the Obama administration has again changed some of the deadlines for Affordable Care Act compliance.  Make plans now to join us in 2014 to learn more about what you need to know to comply with the ACA.

On February 27th, Steptoe & Johnson will host a webcast aimed at answering common questions and concerns about the ACA. Click here to register for the webcast.

 Transcript below:

"The last time I spoke with many of you about health care reform compliance, it was October 2.  The health insurance market place had just begun accepting open enrollment and so much has changed since then.  What were first described as glitches in the open enrollment process on, we now understand are systemic website and administrative problems that persist today.  And as a result of those problems, some of the rules and deadlines that we discussed have changed.  Individuals now have until April 1 to get health insurance in place and still avoid paying the individual penalty, and for individuals who need coverage in place by January 1, to avoid a gap in coverage, if they are purchasing their coverage through the exchange, they can complete open enrollment as late as December 23 and still have coverage in place on January 1.  Recently, the Obama Administration asked insurers to receive premium payments as late as December 31 or even into January for the coverage effective January 1.  Insurers are scrambling to comply with that request, and we can expect that given the problems in the open enrollment, those deadlines may further change. The IRS had promised final regulations regarding the employer mandate, the pay or play rules, to be issued by the end of December 2013 and now are saying that those will not be released until January 2014.


The changes go beyond regulatory.  In the judicial system, the United States Supreme Court has agreed to consider another constitutional challenge to health care reform - this time concerning whether an employer can be required to pay for birth control through its health insurance if the employer has a religious objection to doing so.  And in the legislative realm, talk continues of further delay of health care reform if not a possible repeal. In light of all of these changes, our webcast will be on Thursday, February 27.  At that point, we will drill down into the details of what you need to know to bring your employer into compliance with health care reform.  And in the meantime, I’d like to invite you to an in-person event, Thursday, January 30, Steptoe & Johnson, in conjunction with The Pittsburgh Business Times, is hosting a breakfast panel.  Steptoe & Johnson attorneys, along with industry guests, will be discussing the trending issues and events that affect you and your business in 2014.  There are links included in today’s email where you can register for the in-person event in Pittsburgh on Thursday, January 30 or to join us for the webcast on Thursday, February 27.  Thanks very much, have a great day!"