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WVDEP Proposes Stormwater Permit for Oil & Gas Operations



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The West Virginia Department of Environmental Protection (DEP) issued a draft State General Water Pollution Control Permit proposing to regulate the discharge of stormwater runoff associated with oil and gas construction activities.

The proposed Permit would affect discharges from exploration, production, processing, treatment or transmission facilities disturbing one acre of land or greater. The Permit would be issued for a four year term.

However, if your operation disturbs less than one acre of total area, is regulated under the WVDEP Office of Oil and Gas, or is covered under the WV NPDES Stormwater Construction General Permit, then it may be exempt from the General Permit.

Public comment on the draft permit begins tomorrow and concludes on April 19, 2012. A public hearing has been scheduled for additional comments. It will be held on April 9 at 6:00p.m. in the Coopers Rock Training Room at the WVDEP Headquarters in Charleston. Click here for a Google map of the location.

Click here to read the full memo.