Facilitated by: ♦ Roberta Liebenberg, Partner, Fine Kaplan & Black♦ Patricia Gillette, Partner, Orrick Herrington & Sutcliffe♦ Madeline Cahill-Boley, Strategic Partner, Evans Keane Attendees will discuss: 

  •  Unconscious bias and the compensation process
  •  How compensation drives behavior
  •  Identifying the barriers to pay equity
  •  Building transparency into the compensation process
  • The composition of compensation committees
  •  Systems to promote fair allocation of billing and origination credit
  • Transitioning clients & succession planning
  • The clients role in law firm gender equity
  •  The importance of advocates, sponsors and mentors

 Gender disparity in compensation is pervasive, long-standing and only increases with seniority. Not only is this unacceptable, but compensation committees comprised only of men and other long-standing business origination practices point to a multi-faceted lack of accountability for "internal equity" in law firm compensation systems. Large law firms simply cannot thrive without a commitment to institutional sustainability and a culture that support equitable compensation, designed to incentivize the right behaviors. What can women impose upon their firms to ensure equality? How can "Women's Initiatives" be used to negotiate for changes that eliminate or mitigate the unique challenges women rainmakers face? Women need to be on compensation committees and in positions of power and leadership, helping to make the compensation process more transparent, creating a level playing field for female and male partners. Can we replace the old foundation with new structures? This discussion will explore the combination of factors and forces that drive this reality.