Berry Hills Country Club
Charleston, WV 25314


The 4th Women on the Move luncheon for the National Multiple Sclerosis Society will take place on Wednesday, May 21 at Berry Hills Country Club.  This luncheon is a wonderful way to learn more about multiple sclerosis and to meet others who want to bring us closer to a world free of MS.

About our guest speaker:  Ronda Giangreco, healthy, vibrant and just back from her latest adventure at a cooking school in Italy, was busy planning her next big dinner party. She and her husband had spent the day sampling wines in the Napa Valley with friends.

One day later she was a disabled woman.

A sudden onset of Multiple Sclerosis would be difficult for anyone to accept. But for Ronda and her husband it was a particularly cruel twist of fate. His late mother had been diagnosed with MS. 

Told she might not be able to walk for much longer, she asked herself the question, “…then where should I walk now?”

Her answer – to the kitchen!  As an avowed “foodie,” she had always enjoyed cooking for friends and family. But when she made the audacious vow to her husband that she would create a big Italian feast every Sunday for a year, he thought she had lost her mind.  But she was determined. With steaming plates of pasta she would attempt to triumph over Multiple Sclerosis one week at a time.

Her book, The Gathering Table, chronicles her year of triumph and will have you running to your kitchen for the cure to life's challenges.


Charleston, West Virginia
Berry Hills Country Club
Charleston, WV 25314