If you’re confused about what the Affordable Care Act requires from you and your business, you’re not alone.

The highly publicized problem with the ACA's online enrollment in Health Insurance Marketplaces is just one of the current issues with health care reform. In 2014, many of the ACA’s mandates go into effect, resulting in lots of changes to the health insurance policies that employers offer. New fees are being assessed, some of which apply only to certain types of health plans. Additional reporting requirements are ahead, and it appears they will be time-consuming. The employer mandate, known as the “Pay or Play” rule, is scheduled to go into effect in 2015. And, if the last month is any indication, it is important to stay current because the requirements you must meet may change, even on a daily basis.

On February 27, Steptoe & Johnson will host a webcast aimed at bringing you up-to-date on what we know about the ACA, including answering common questions and concerns. In this webcast, Jamie Leary will discuss topics including:

• What rules and deadlines apply to you
• What fees or penalties you may have to pay
• What steps that you should take to plan for compliance

To watch an update about the ACA, click here.

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