Laser Northeast Withdraws PaPUC Application



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As our prior alerts concerning the Laser Northeast Gathering Company, LLC (?Laser?) proceeding have stated, the Laser proceeding is a precedent-setting proceeding of great interest to landowners, consumers, natural gas producers and gathering and midstream companies operating in Pennsylvania.  

Laser proposes to construct a gathering system in Pennsylvania extending into New York where it is to interconnect with an interstate natural gas pipeline.   In Pennsylvania, Laser filed an application with the PaPUC seeking ?public utility? status under Pennsylvania law, which, if granted, would also provide Laser with the power of eminent domain.  The Laser filing is the subject of two orders issued by the PaPUC and was in the process of being remanded to an ALJ for further proceedings.

As a significant development, on September 8, 2011, Laser filed a Petition to Withdraw its application with the PaPUC.   

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