Marcellus Shale a Hot Topic in Charleston



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Marcellus Shale a Hot Topic in Charleston

The 80th West Virginia Legislature has passed the midway point and is racing toward the finish line. With the deadline to submit bills slated for February 21, there are several pieces of pending legislation that could impact businesses statewide. One hot topic at the capital is the future of the Marcellus shale. In addition to various bills pending at the legislature, Acting Governor Tomblin yesterday announced the formation of the Marcellus Manufacturing Task Force.

Pending Marcellus Legislation (click on the bill number to read the legislation):

  • Joint Judiciary Interim Committee billsSB 258 & HB2878 - places regulations on wells which will use more than 5,000 barrels of water in their development. The Act also requires permittees to obtain certifications from the DOH and obtain surface owner agreements prior to permit issuance.
  • SB 424 - attempts to regulate Marcellus wells and is commonly referred to as the DEP Bill as it was written by the agency. It contains provisions which allow for pooling and further controls on water impoundments and other provisions.
  • SB 314 - a road bill meant to address impacts to state roads resulting from Marcellus gas exploration activities.
  • SB 353 - attempts to place an additional tax on Marcellus gas sold out of state.

If you have questions about pending legislation, please contact me or any member of the Steptoe & Johnson Government Relations and Lobbying Group.


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