Pennsylvania?s Act 127: New Pipeline Safety Regulation



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Effective February 20, 2012, Act 127, or the Gas and Hazardous Liquids Pipelines Act (?Act? or ?Act 127?), expands the Pennsylvania Public Utility Commission?s (?PaPUC?) jurisdiction over operators who transport gas or hazardous liquids by pipeline or pipeline facility in Pennsylvania by requiring registration and subsequent assessment of costs to all ?pipeline operators.?  A primary focus of Act 127 is to provide the PaPUC with jurisdiction to regulate the safety aspects of non-public utility onshore gathering lines, and hydrocarbon liquid lines.

Under Act 127, entities that transport gas and hazardous liquids by pipeline may now need to register annually with the Commission. Failure to register may result in civil penalties to the pipeline operator subject to the Act.  Moreover, these entities will be assessed the Commission?s costs, according to the length of pipeline each entity operates in Pennsylvania.

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