Planning Key to Success with Ohio Oil & Gas Rules



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As the pace of exploration and development in Ohio's shale play increases and horizontal wells become more common, operators want to be aware of the interplay of Ohio's oil and gas conservation law with their plans and development schedule. Effective use of the conservation rules requires advanced planning and understanding of the lead times built into the process.

The 2012 dates for the quarterly Technical Advisory Council meetings are February 7, May 8, August 7 and November 7.  Applications must be filed 40 days in advance of the meeting date to be placed on the agenda.  

To assure timely development of their assets, shale well operators and developers who anticipate the need for regulatory action under the oil and gas conservation provisions of the Ohio law should be aware of these requirements and timetables which are independent of the relatively shorter permit review process associated with issuing drilling permits, where regulatory review under the conservation statute is not required. Appropriate planning now will reduce unexpected or unwanted delays in planned drilling schedules with their attendant costs in time, money and scheduling interruptions.


Click here to read the entire alert and view meeting schedules for the Technical Advisory Council.


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