Safety Journals in Asbestos Cases



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Safety Journals in Asbestos Cases

Safety-related journals from several decades ago may play an important part of any asbestos trial. Plaintiffs may reference the documents to argue industry knowledge of possible asbestos-related diseases. The journals may also detail information that challenge arguments made by plaintiffs in present day trials. For example, the National Safety News (which was distributed by the National Safety Council) published an article simply entitled ?Asbestos? in its August 1973 edition. If you would like further information about the National Safety Council or the National Safety News, please contact Jim Mulhall at

The article covered many topics including mesothlioma. It described mesothelioma as:  

  • An extremely rare cancer of the lining of the chest or the abdominal cavity;
  • A disease found more frequently among those with occupational asbestos exposure than among the general public; and
  • A disease found among people who lived in close proximity to uncontrolled crocidolite asbestos plants or mines, and even in the household of employees who worked in crocidolite asbestos factories or mines and who presumably brought ?substantial quantities? of this particular type of asbestos fiber into their homes on their work clothes

Interestingly, the article further stated that ?this has not been found to be the case with individuals exposed only to chrysotile asbestos, which accounts for 97 percent of the asbestos fiber used in the United States today.? Thus, the August 1973 article questions the state-of-the-art claim that chrysotile causes mesothelioma or that it has been known to cause mesothelioma.





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