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Environmental issues continue to be a significant factor in the activities and business of many of our clients.  Whether the issue involves regulation of shale gas drilling, selenium discharges from coal mining, acquisition of land with legacy contamination, or the development of the nation’s policy on climate change, it is clear that our clients expect us to be involved.

To respond to this challenge, we have significantly expanded our environmental practice group.  We now have a team of 13 lawyers whose practices focus on the development, implementation and enforcement of environmental programs at the federal level and in a variety of states including Indiana, Kentucky, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Virginia, West Virginia and Texas.

This team includes lawyers with a combined total of more than 330 years of experience in environmental matters, and includes lawyers with degrees in such fields as geology, biology, mining engineering, industrial engineering, electrical engineering and environmental engineering.  Several on our environmental team have held positions with environmental regulatory agencies or environmental positions with corporations.  

As a continuation of our effort to provide clients with timely information about environmental issues, we announce
Environmental Essentials– a blog which will focus on environmental issues of significance to our clients.  While we will strive to be objective reporters of many developments, our lawyers may use this forum to offer editorial comment on issues where that seems appropriate.  

We will post articles throughout the week and once each week will send out an email advising readers of the content of the week’s postings.  If you would prefer not to receive these email alerts, please respond to this message with “unsubscribe” in the subject line.  

If at any time you have any comments about our new blog or suggestions for articles that might be addressed in the blog, please
contact one of the members of the environmental team.

Additional information on our environmental team members, including information on how to contact them, is set forth below:

Kathy Beckett
Armando Benincasa
Zahava Bennett
Marc Bryson
David Flannery
Laura Goldfarb
Laura Hoffman
Skipp Kropp
Richard Lewis
Kathy Milenkovski
Robert Pollitt
Gary Slagel
Stephen Smith  

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