We Know How to Help

Today’s economic challenges lead to complex issues in the maintenance, disposition, and acquisition of mineral assets and preservation of companies.  Often, corporate restructurings are necessary, requiring in-depth knowledge and understanding of corporate and securities laws and traditional insolvency laws.

Energy restructurings require deep understanding of the energy industry and the federal and state specific laws, rules, and regulations protecting the title and value of assets and leases.

The Steptoe & Johnson Restructuring and Challenged Asset Team is a multidisciplinary team that consists of attorneys and professionals with deep knowledge and experience in energy law, energy transactions, asset title and value preservation, corporate law, private equity and bank finance law, general insolvency and court supervised reorganization law, and energy litigation.  This team structure provides energy clients unique and creative solutions to preserve, acquire, and grow wealth in challenged economic times or to relieve stressed company situations.

Our Goal in Each Deal - To partner with in-house project leaders to manage the identification and evaluation of risks, develop a solid business strategy, and execute the plan.

  • Formed a multidisciplinary team of corporate, energy, and litigation attorneys ready to address time-sensitive client needs
  • More than $20B in recent complex energy transactions
  • Represented clients in commercial restructurings ranging in size from local operators to international corporations
  • Protected clients’ interests in various adversarial proceedings in the U.S. Bankruptcy Courts and in other federal and state courts
  • Assisted energy clients in protecting property and operational rights and in the disposition and acquisition of operating assets in difficult economic and factual circumstances
  • One of the largest energy law practices in the country conducting due diligence evaluations on large asset transactions under tight time constraints, including ownership, liens, litigation, regulatory and environmental, gathering, and midstream
  • Multi-resource and multi-basin experience of the various systems that can provide both opportunities and threats to energy operations transactions and asset value
  • Quorum land management software to expedite the proper documentation, management, and transfer of energy properties