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A Line in the Sand: Weld County & Boulder County



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As a resident of Weld County, I
can tell you that there are sometimes stark contrasts between Weld and Boulder Counties.  Although neighbors, the two counties have
very different views – and I do not mean of the mountains. 

One of the ramifications of S.B.
181 is increased local control, allowing Colorado cities and counties more
control over drilling operations through local zoning ordinances and land use
regulations.  Hence, a line in the sand
is beginning to be drawn between Boulder and Weld Counties…

On May 1, 2019, the Weld County
Board of Commissioners (“Weld County Commissioners”) issued a press release
entitled, “Local Control Focus of Board Action,” which can be found here.  During the hearing that same day, the Weld
County Commissioners reportedly
started the process to give the Weld County government control over oil and gas
permitting by “formally designat[ing] all of unincorporated Weld County as
being under the purview of county government as it relates to mineral resources
– particularly oil and gas.”

The press release follows the
“Open Letter from the County Commissioners” from April 16, 2019, the same day
that S.B. 181 was signed by Governor Polis, expressing Weld County’s
understanding of the value of Colorado’s oil and gas industry, which can be
found here

The proposed designation is set
for public hearing on June 10, 2019, during which time the Weld County
Commissioners will act on the same.  Per
the press
, public comment and participation is encouraged at the

It is clear that lines are being
drawn…stay tuned as more develops!