Midstream Webcast - "Energy Midstream Land Issues”

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May 9, 2018
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When an energy midstream company plans to acquire land rights for its operations, it needs to acquire sufficient rights from the correct parties in a way that protects the company’s interests for many years to come. In this energy webcast, we take a look at a number of these issues: 

  • Have we acquired enough rights to carry out our midstream plan?  
  • Did we acquire our rights from the correct party?  
  • How will the courts treat our rights if any dispute arises in the future? 

We will give special attention to the proper creation and execution of easements, how to structure the acquisition of easements in order to best protect the company’s interests, how the rights of easement holders are coordinated with other property interests in the same land, and how courts interpret easements after they are created.  

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