Webinar – Employees Can Keep Guns in Their Cars – What Employers Need to Know

Related Attorneys: Christopher L. Slaughter, Allison B. Williams

Steptoe & Johnson Webinar

May 31, 2018

On June 8, 2018, the Business Liability Protection Act a.k.a. the “Parking Lot Bill” or the “Gun Bill” goes into effect in West Virginia, restricting an employer’s right to manage its employees and its workplace.

In this webinar, Chris Slaughter and Allison Williams discuss:

  • What the Act means for West Virginia employers
  • Under what circumstances can employees bring guns to work?
  • What is considered a “parking lot” under the new Act?
  • How does the Act impact employees who travel off-site in private vehicles to perform their work?
  • How does the Act impact company vehicles?
  • How does the Act impact your ability to conduct searches of employee vehicles?
  • What changes must you make to your employee handbooks/policies?
  • What protection does the new Act provide employers from workplace violence?

What happens if I refuse to follow the Act?

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