In the Know: Primer on Colorado’s Senate Bill 181

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Published: March 13, 2019

On March 1, 2019, Senate Majority Leader Steve Fenberg and House Speaker KC Becker introduced Senate Bill 181, which proposes significant changes to Colorado’s oil and gas regulatory framework.  This bill has initiated immediate public debate that is sure to continue as it proceeds through the legislature.

While it may undergo revision during that process, here is a summary of the changes that Senate Bill 181 (as originally proposed) would usher in:

(1)        Redefining the COGCC

(2)        Expanding Local Control

(3)        Increased Facility Monitoring

(4)        Revising Pooling Applications

In addition to the above general, fundamental changes sought by S.B. 181, the bill also makes notable revisions to Colorado’s compulsory pooling system:

(5)        Implementation Concerns

As most local readers will know, the sweeping Senate Bill 181 has already become a topic of vibrant public debate in our state. After clearing its first two Senate committees last week, the bill’s potential and final form should become clear in the near future.

Please check back for updates on Senate Bill 181!

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