Emergency Response Team – Mining


Steptoe & Johnson’s Emergency Response Team is ready to assist you when an emergency strikes. Not only will we assist you in a crisis, but also prepare you for the best response to critical situations. We will learn about your business, current emergency response plan and its implementation, and we will work with you to tailor it to address regional anomalies. We will assemble the legal Mining Emergency Response Team most appropriate to your facility locations and needs.

Team members include litigators and specialists in labor and employment law, regulatory law, white-collar crime, energy law, and government relations. We provide both the regional and multi-disciplinary legal coverage tailored to your specific needs.

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Immediate and Long-Term Value

Having Steptoe & Johnson as an integral part of your emergency response team will protect you not only during the emergency, but also in the long run.

During and after the emergency, the legal team leader can assist your team in framing appropriate responses to information requests from local governments, regulators, the press, and others.

In the short term, this facilitation can help ensure your company’s reputation for prompt response and appropriate action.

In the long run, because many of our team members are litigators, they understand that when you go to trial, the details of the incident (emergency) that brought you to the courthouse will be subjected to intense scrutiny. With that perspective in mind, your Steptoe & Johnson team will help you fully meet your disclosure requirements with the greatest possible sensitivity to potential litigation issues. Members’ involvement will help balance your disclosure needs with litigation issues to help minimize the potential damage should litigation or administrative proceedings arise in the future.

Why add Steptoe & Johnson to your Emergency Response Team?

We’re Available When an Emergency Strikes.

We will work with you and your internal Emergency Response Team to build the best Steptoe & Johnson legal team for you. You will be provided with contact information that allows 24-hour access to your legal team members if and when an emergency strikes.

Representative Experience

Mine Explosion

  • Provided 24/7 crisis support team after a mine explosion with multiple fatalities, advising the client on media relations, sealing and safeguarding files, coordinating activities with federal regulatory agencies, and representing the client in subsequent litigation and settlement

MSHA/EPA/FBI/DEP/DOJ Investigations

  • Coordinated and attended on-site investigations and employee/contractor interviews by MSHA, DOJ, EPA, FBI, or state criminal and civil investigators following spills, wetland fills, fatalities, and underground and surface mine accidents


  • Represented mine personnel implicated in entrapment incident

Mine Fatalities

  • Responded to multiple mine fatalities, including roof falls and machinery malfunction, and spearheaded responses to government investigators

Impoundment Failure

  • Coordinated immediate internal company investigation

MSHA Special Investigations

  • Defended multiple mine operators and mine officials in Section 110 proceedings

DOL Wage and Hour Audits

  • Provided on-site consultation during government unannounced audit

DOL/INS Immigration Audits

  • Immediately responded to surprise inspection by Immigration and Naturalization Service

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