Christopher L. Slaughter

Chief Executive Officer

Susan S. Brewer

Immediate Past CEO

Bryan R. Cokeley

Executive Committee

Lori A. Dawkins

Executive Committee

Sharon O. Flanery

Executive Committee; Chair, Energy & Natural Resources Department

Brian D. Gallagher

Executive Committee

Timothy M. McKeen

Executive Committee

Jeffrey K. Phillips

Executive Committee

Tammie C. Alexander

Chair, Business Department

Susan Llewellyn Deniker

Chair, Labor & Employment Department

Anders W. Lindberg

Chair, Litigation Department

Evans L. King Jr.

Member, General Counsel

Jessica Hoffmann

Chief Operating Officer

Richard J. Mackessy

Chief Financial Officer

Ryan R. Daniels

Chief Marketing Officer

Isidore Okoro

Chief Information Officer

Will Robinson

Chief Financial Officer

Michael E. Flowers

Member, Director of Diversity and Inclusion

Krista A. Ford

Director of Knowledge, Research & Information Services

David J. Gorman

Director of Human Resources

Kelly A. Henderson

Director of Finance

Franklin R. Lambert

Director of Operations

Jennifer J. Ross

Director of Attorney Recruiting