Asbestos Litigation


Asbestos litigation is a fast-paced, high volume field of toxic tort practice. We know the rules of the game, the players, and have a unique understanding of the subject matter and the courts.

Legal know-how and industry-specific experience allow our team to develop management models designed to provide aggressive and efficient counsel to our clients.

With more than 225 years of combined legal experience, our diverse group of asbestos litigators serves major industrial clients, including manufacturers, contractors, and suppliers throughout the nation. We understand how to manage projects to best achieve our clients’ goals. We work closely with clients and their insurers to design effective defense strategies that fit their unique business needs.

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Representative Experience

  • Defended against medical causation in asbestos claims involving mesothelioma, lung cancer, and asbestosis, including preparing and cross-examining nationally renowned pathologists, radiologists, and industrial hygienists
  • Managed dockets of hundreds of alleged asbestos-related cancers in West Virginia, western Pennsylvania, and Kentucky
  • Represented Fortune 500 equipment manufacturers in asbestos litigation
  • Successfully argued motion for summary judgment resulting in dismissal of national equipment manufacturer from a western Pennsylvania asbestos claim
  • Participated in asbestos defense group committee efforts to shape the Case Management Order and litigation practice in West Virginia and western Pennsylvania
    Served as national, regional, and local counsel in major asbestos and benzene litigation
  • Responsible for the management of high-volume asbestos defense litigation in West Virginia and western Pennsylvania, including directing and developing trial strategy, participating in pre-trial and trial activities, attending and defending depositions, responding to written discovery, retaining and coordinating expert reviews, and arguing motions and negotiating settlements


  • 91% of team attorneys have been recognized among The Best Lawyers in America®
  • Advocates with industry-specific defense strategies
  • Skilled national, regional, and local counsel
  • Knowledgeable practitioners familiar with regional courts, practices, and opposing counsel
  • Efficient project managers with the ability to develop cost-effective litigation budgeting, including alternative fee arrangements
  • Dedicated paraprofessionals who are essential to streamlining document-intense litigation

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