Cotenancy Team


Steptoe & Johnson’s Cotenancy Team attorneys have a deep understanding of cotenancy laws in producing states, including West Virginia’s 2018 cotenancy legislation and Pennsylvania’s apportionment issues.

Our attorneys were directly involved in the negotiations that contributed to the creation of West Virginia’s bill and were actively engaged in voicing industry concerns during the legislative process. Accordingly, we not only know the meaning of the statute, but we also know the intent behind its various provisions. Our detailed understanding of the law’s components, and how they work together with existing law, allows us to counsel our clients on risk mitigation measures and best practices in implementing their new cotenancy development programs in West Virginia.

With extensive knowledge of cotenancy law across the Appalachian Basin and related development issues, Steptoe & Johnson is well equipped to provide our clients with important guidance and counsel that helps them achieve their business objectives.

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Representative Experience

  • Represent exploration and production companies in connection with implementation of all aspects of the Cotenancy Act in West Virginia allowing producers to expedite development of their West Virginia oil and gas assets, including representing producers before the West Virginia Oil and Gas Conservation Commission
  • Represent energy companies in challenges to the validity of oil and gas leases, partition actions, missing heirs petitions, and other issues relating to mineral title
  • Litigate partition actions, missing heirs petitions, and other issues relating to mineral title
  • Handle matters involving mineral transactions and acquisitions, including the coordination and performance of title-defect curative work


  • Intimate knowledge of intent of cotenancy legislation
  • Curative team dedicated to providing solutions to the oil and gas industry
  • Attorneys who work hand in hand with industry to shape legislation
  • Former in-house counsel for a major Fortune 500 energy company

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