Division Order Title Opinion (DOTO) Team

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The Steptoe & Johnson DOTO Team is made up of attorneys and professional staff dedicated to drafting DOTOs for some of the industry’s largest producers nationwide. The Steptoe & Johnson DOTO Team has extensive experience encompassing several of the most active basins, including Appalachia, the Mid-Continent, and the Rockies.

  • Completion of more than 700 DOTOs
  • Ability to tailor DOTOs to client specifications
  • Experienced DOTO Team with the ability to meet client needs regardless of project size and scope
  • Extensive involvement in the National Association of Division Order Analysts keeps our DOTO Team connected to the latest industry trends
Advantages of DOTOs
  • Comprehensive unitized vestments for oil and gas owners, overriding royalty owners, and operators
  • The ability to rectify inconsistent vestments contained in drilling title opinions
  • Analysis of curative actions undertaken to resolve drilling opinion clouds on title
  • Certification of title, which reduces risk for the operator
  • Analysis of specific lease provisions prior to payment of royalties
What Do Our Clients Say About DOTOs?

“The big advantage of a DOTO is actually knowing the total working interest in a lease, well, or allocation area.  I like to know all of the unleased interests, leases by third parties, and an accurate calculation of our position from a gross working interest and net revenue interest position. To me, it is money well spent!”

“Drilling title opinions with multiple production requirements are not beneficial because multiple requirements leave owners in suspense, which, in return, creates a burden on the operator who pays the production taxes.  A DOTO removes the confusion and allows a well to be set up for proper payments.”

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