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Emeline Walker focuses her practice in the areas of energy litigation, where her in-depth experience in litigation support on cases ranging from contract disputes to class action lawsuits helps her advocate for her client's best interests. During Emeline’s litigation support work she gained an in-depth knowledge of electronic searching for litigation matters, large scale records request management, as well as impeccable organization. As a member of the Strategic Technology & e-Discovery Methods team at Steptoe & Johnson, Emeline has worked on large scale document review projects in Relativity and is always learning about the latest in legal technology. Emeline understands that the stakes are high in every case and works to help energy companies protect their interests when faced with potentially costly and stressful litigation. Every client she works with benefits from her careful attention to detail.

Memberships & Awards

Women in eDiscovery

Work Experience

2021 Steptoe & Johnson PLLC
2013-2021 eDiscovery & Contract Specialist
2012-2013 Auditor, Promontory Financial Group
2012 Law Clerk, U.S. Justice Civil Division Healthcare Fraud