Our People

Christopher L. Slaughter

Chief Executive Officer

Tammie C. Alexander

Member, Chair, Business Department

Adam Birch

Of Counsel

Linda J. Braga

Of Counsel

Susan S. Brewer

Immediate Past CEO

C. Haley Bunn

Of Counsel

Heather L. Cavanagh

Director Attorney Recruiting & Professional Development

Ryan R. Daniels

Chief Marketing Officer

Caleb Davis


Mark C. Dean

Of Counsel

Susan Llewellyn Deniker

Member, Chair, Labor & Employment Department

Ryan D. Ewing

Of Counsel

Tony Faini


Sharon O. Flanery

Member, Chair, Energy & Natural Resources Department

Michael E. Flowers

Member, Director of Diversity and Inclusion

Krista A. Ford

Director of Knowledge, Research & Information Services

Anne L. Frye

Of Counsel

Joyce A. Gentry

Senior Environmental Consultant

David J. Gorman

Director of Human Resources

Misty L. Heitz

Of Counsel

Kelly A. Henderson

Director of Finance

Kevin E. Hess

Of Counsel

Blake C. Jones

Of Counsel

John J. Keeling

Senior Environmental, Health & Safety Consultant

Peter F. Lake

Senior Higher Education Attorney

Franklin R. Lambert

Director of Operations

Selena J. Lewis

Environmental Consultant

Anders W. Lindberg

Member, Chair, Litigation Department

Jennifer S. Linder

Industrial Hygienist

Ryan Loos


Renee D. Loya


Richard J. Mackessy

Chief Operating Officer and Chief Financial Officer

Katy Mallory

Project Finance Manager

Amber M. Moore

Of Counsel

Isidore Okoro

Chief Information Officer

Cynthia D. Perdue

Manager, Mineral Services

Susan O. Phillips

Of Counsel/Office Manager

R. Neal Pierce

Of Counsel

Anna M. Pratt


Anna Pugh


Paula M. Rauchfuss

Director, Land Administration

Daniel W. Skidmore

Drafting Specialist/Environmental Technician

Gary E. Slagel

Government Affairs Specialist

Gayleen G. Smith

Controller Energy Department

Joseph R. Stevens

Government Relations Consultant

Rex B. Tennant

Environmental Chemist

Eli Tilley


L. Gil White

Government Relations Coordinator - WV

Alan M. White

Of Counsel

Kirk R. Wilson

Of Counsel

Casey J. Wynn