Over 100 Steptoe & Johnson Attorneys Named Among the Best Lawyers in America

Related Attorneys: Thomas L. Aman Jr., Rodney L. Baker II, Michael W. Barill, Kenneth J. Barton Jr., Rodney L. Bean, Kathy G. Beckett, Armando F. Benincasa, Susan S. Brewer, Marc C. Bryson, John R. Callcott, James C. Carpenter, Nathan S. Catanese, John R. Chadd, Brent D. Chicken, Bryan R. Cokeley, Gordon H. Copland, Katherine E. David, Lori A. Dawkins, Mark C. Dean, Susan Llewellyn Deniker, Marcia L. DePaula, G. Kurt Dettinger, Tracey B. Eberling, Jonathan R. Ellis, Sarah C. Ellis, Louis E. "Lee" Enderle Jr., Sharon O. Flanery, David M. Flannery, Michael E. Flowers, Robert D. Fluharty, Jan L. Fox, Sandra K. Fraley, Bridget D. Furbee, Michael A. Furlong, Brian D. Gallagher, Michelle E. Gaston, Andrew S. Graham, Vincent Holzhall, Russell D. Jessee, Craig L. Johnson, Evans L. King Jr., Kurt L. Krieger, Edward L. Kropp, Stacy C. Kula, William M. Lane, W. Henry Lawrence, Joseph U. Leonoro, Richard L. Lewis, Randall C. Light, Anders W. Lindberg, David R. Little, Steven F. Luby, Melissa Dorman Matthews, Laura L. Mays, John R. Merinar Jr., Ryan J. Morgan, C. David Morrison, James J. A. Mulhall, Michael D. Mullins, Jim Newberry, Lori T. Oliphant, Christopher Passodelis, Jr., Jeffrey K. Phillips, William J. Powell, Bryan K. Prosek, Ancil G. Ramey, Hannah Curry Ramey, Larry J. Rector, Richard L. "Rick" Reed Sr., Shaina L. Richardson, Benjamin L. Riddle, Jason E. Roma, H. Hampton Rose IV, John K. Round, Donald C. Sinclair II, Christopher L. Slaughter, Amy M. Smith, Candace B. Smith, Arthur M. Standish, Frank J. Stanek, Robert M. Steptoe Jr., John C. Stump, Todd M. Swanson, Harriet Tabb, Marty Truss, Allyn G. Turner, James W. Turner, Endia J. Vereen, Thomas A. Vorbach, William J. Wahoff, Rick L. Warren, Melissa S. Watkins, Sandra Ramos White, Allison B. Williams, Monté Williams, William D. Wilmoth

Published: August 18, 2022

Bridgeport, WV – Steptoe & Johnson PLLC is excited to share that over 100 attorneys were named in the 2023 rankings of The Best Lawyers in America®. They practice throughout firm locations in Colorado, Kentucky, Ohio, Oklahoma, Pennsylvania, Texas, and West Virginia.

Also noted below are the five attorneys who have received the Best Lawyers: Ones to Watch designation. This recognition is given to lawyers in private practice who are earlier in their careers and demonstrate professional excellence.

Below are the Steptoe & Johnson attorneys included in The Best Lawyers in America.

Thomas L. Aman Jr.

Rodney L. Baker II

Laurie C. Barbe

Michael W. Barill

Kenneth J. Barton Jr.

Rodney L. Bean

Kathy G. Beckett

Armando F. Benincasa

Jules S. Brenner

Susan S. Brewer

Marc Bryson

Amy Sullivan Cahill

John R. Callcott

James C. Carpenter

Nathan S. Catanese (Best Lawyers in America: Ones to Watch)

John R. Chadd

Brent D. Chicken

Bryan R. Cokeley

Gordon H. Copland

Katherine E. David

Lori A. Dawkins

Mark C. Dean (Best Lawyers in America: Ones to Watch)

Susan L. Deniker

Marcia L. DePaula

G. Kurt Dettinger

Tracey B. Eberling

Jonathan R. Ellis

Sarah C. Ellis

Louis E. Enderle Jr.

Sharon O. Flanery

David M. Flannery

Michael E. Flowers

Robert D. Fluharty

Jan L. Fox

Sandra K. Fraley

Bridget D. Furbee

Michael A. Furlong (Best Lawyers in America: Ones to Watch)

Brian D. Gallagher

Michelle E. Gaston

Andrew S. Graham

Vincent I. Holzhall

Gregory A. Jackson (Best Lawyers in America: Ones to Watch)

Russell D. Jessee

Craig L. Johnson

Evans L. King Jr.

Kurt L. Krieger

Edward L. Kropp

Stacy C. Kula

William M. Lane

W. Henry Lawrence

Joseph U. Leonoro

Richard L. Lewis

Randall C. Light

Anders W. Lindberg

David R. Little

Steven F. Luby

Melissa Dorman Matthews

Laura L. Mays

John R. Merinar Jr.

Ryan J. Morgan

C. David Morrison

James J. A. Mulhall

Michael D. Mullins

Jim Newberry

Melanie Morgan Norris

Lori T. Oliphant

Christopher Passodelis Jr.

Jeffrey K. Phillips

William J. Powell

Bryan K. Prosek

Ancil G. Ramey

Hannah Curry Ramey

Larry J. Rector

Richard L. Reed

Shaina L. Richardson (Best Lawyers in America: Ones to Watch)

Benjamin L. Riddle

Jason E. Roma

H. Hampton Rose IV

John K. Round

Donald C. Sinclair II

Charles A. Sinsel

Christopher L. Slaughter

Amy M. Smith

Candace B. Smith

Arthur M. Standish

Frank J. Stanek

Robert M. Steptoe Jr.

John C. Stump

Todd M. Swanson

Harriet Tabb

Marty Truss

Allyn G. Turner

James W. Turner

Endia J. Vereen

Thomas A. Vorbach

William J. Wahoff

Rick L. Warren

Melissa S. Watkins

Sandra Ramos White

Allison B. Williams

Monté L. Williams

William D. Wilmoth

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